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Paul Pot (aka Pope Paul Pot) History

Well I don't know what the Pope has ever done for you, but he has done a number of things that are quite a bit short of miraculous.
First known sighting of the Pope

1980 "Plastic TV Land on Acid" submitted to KALX. Song was submitted by KALX to Radio Free Europe and was played on Radio Free Europe's Tops in Pops show during marshal law in Poland.

1981 "Plastic TV Land on Acid" realeased on 7 inch EP by No Fidelity Records in 1981. Recording also featured dub version titled "Acid TV Land on Plastic" , a noisy number titled "This is Your Leader" and the touching ballad "KKK Carolina on my Mind." Plenty of copies in the Papal archives, might be available some day. "Acid TV Land on Plastic" was included on a compilation called "Video Games of the Twelfth Century."

1981 - Two shows performed: one at the Mabuhay Gardens, opening for the VKTMS, and one at the Sound of Music in SF, on Nov 11, 1981, opening for the Misfits. For the Mabuhay show, Paul Pot performed with a cassette tape of pre-recorded music. The line up for the Misfits show was Paul Pot (vocals), Kevin Connelly (guitar), Andy Death (guitar), Tombo Defenstra (bass), and Clayton Call (drums).

Recordings submitted to and played on KALX 1981-1986

1982 "The Ghandi Man" A light hearted take off of the Sammy Davis Jr hit with samples of Ravi Shankar and vocal ba-dums by Pope Paul Pot

1982 "Fat Girl Shit on My Face" Originally written by Xeno Lactomase and Andy Death for the Pope's performance as opening act for the Misfits in 1981. Only Pope Paul Pot was willing to take credit for the number. This song was heard by a University Regent, while driving over the Bay Bridge, and was banned by the station for about a month after that.

1983 - Submitted medley of "Louie Louie" and "Wild Thing" played on mouth harp to the KALX - KFJC Maximum Louie Louie show. Not on the online printed list of songs. Didn't make it to the Rhino Greatest Louie Louie hits record, but it was released on a cassette magazine out of Nevada City, California. Personal copy of cassette is lost and I don't remember what it is called.

1985 "Head in a Bag" A surreal romp into the mind of a madman. Story is that there was this guy going around San Francisco telling people that he had a human head in a bag. When he was found, it turned out to be just a very fake head. It's rumored that the guy now teaches paper machie sculpture at the Crucible in Oakland.

1986 "Night of the Living Elvis" Written by Xeno and Pope Paul Pot. Released as by the Stiff Kittens (turned out to be a name ripped off from some English guys, still embarrassed about that). Muscians on the tape later became members of Gail and the Fudgepackers.

Gail and the Fudgepackers

1986 "Head in a Bag" After the breakup of the Fudgepackers, the band was asked by Shredder Records if a recording of this song could be included on the first (and now unavailable) Shredder Records release. Everybody shrugged their shoulders and said ok. If the band had been more into it, maybe they might have insisted on the superior "Living in the Sewer". Oh well. Some things just get lost.

Hey, while you are here, you might want to listen to Shredding Radio (click here) . Got broadband?

1987 - 1995

Much beer was consumed.

1988 - Paul Pot and Gail Todd play together in a band called "Jack 'n' Jill". A couple of parties.

1989 - Played with a band. Was the singer and lyricist. Played a bunch of parties, mostly driving everybody out of the room.. Band broke up, and came up with perfect band name, at a birthday party for a dog. The band name: Don't Mind Us.

1991 - What is joking referred to as "The Great Lost Paul Pot Album" is recorded but never released. 10 songs including a cover of a Wild Man Fisher song, "Jennifer Jones". Marc Time of the Fudgepackers played drums and mixed the tapes. Paul Pot played all the instruments and there were a couple of guests.

1995 - 1997

Guitarist with Poor Impulse Control

1997 - Present

Guitarist with the Happy Clams

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