Paul Pot

artist, songwriter, player of guitar and kazoo

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Portrait by my Mom (but my hair is much grayer now.)



Paul Pot is a recording/visual artist from Berkeley, CA originally from New York.His mother is an artist and printmaker. HIs father was a writer.

His musical career was launched byd a local hit on UC Berkeley's radio station KALX in 1980 called "Plastic TV Land on Acid". It was played on Radio Free Europe on their year end "Tops in Pops" show, For many years he submitted tapes to KALX. In 1985 he was the lead vocalist in a punk band "Gail and the Fudgepackers". They were featured on the first Shredder Records compilation. After two performances at Gilman Street the band exploded, imploded, whatever. From 1995-1997 he was the guitarist with " Poor Impulse Control ". Lasted longer, but the same end result. He is the guitarist/singer in the "The Happy Clams" and also performs acoustically. He has hosted the Missouri Lounge Open Mic in Berkeley since 2004.

He has been showing his artwork in the bay area in the new millenium.


Art by Paul Pot

In 2021 my drawing "A Portrait of Wrong" was accepted into the De Young Museum's OPEN show. The museum will be celebrated their re-opening with a juried exhibition of local artists much like the historic salons of Paris.

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A Portrait of Wrong


In 2019 I drew a 3 foot x 28 foot pencil drawing called IN JUST SO MANY WORDS. Click on picture to see all of it.

Click here to see more of the artwork you see above.


Click here for the Missouri Lounge Poster Gallery featuring most of the over 400 weekly email flyers that I drew to promote my open mic from 2004 until 2020.

Dive Bar drawings. A series of drawings I did of dive bars including descriptions.

I will add more drawings in the future.



Music by Paul Pot

Paul Pot Facebook Page includes current Facebook live shows.

Detailed timeline of Paul Pot's musical career

Paul Pot Music

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Paul Pot: The Great Kazoo plays Shelter in Place 2020 Tiny Desk Entry.

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