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Paul is in Florida taking care of his mom. He has begun working on a solo project. It is a return to the DIY music he was making as Pope Paul Pot using what ever is at hand as musical instruments as well as guitar and kazoo. The first song ,"That Cat is Really Out of the Bag," is near completion.

Rawbird and Gail have been rehearsing with friends in a side project. Rawbird on banjo and Gail on drums.

The next Happy Clams show will be at the Murder Ballads Bash taking place this year on the Day of the Dead, Nov. 2.

in the meantime..............


The Ongoing Dive Bars and Watering Holes Show


is still happening and you should check it out at the:


The Rite Spot Cafe

2099 Folsom St , San Francisco


This show that opened in January 2023 was supposed to run 2 months has been up on the walls ever since with new drawings coming in to take the place of the ones that have sold. This may include some of your favorites. The show has been delighting the patrons at the Rite Spot for over a year and a half now. Have you not been delighted yet? Well, go have a drink at the Rite Spot and check it out. The Rite Spot has been supporting local musicians for decades. You might find your next, new favorite at one of their shows. No cover charge but the tip jar makes the rounds. The bar in this picture is the Mel-O-Dee in El Cerrito.

Here is the Rite Spot calendar for July 2024. Hey, my friend Jean Caffeine is playing on Saturday, 7/13


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