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Do your tastes include both snails and oysters? How about clams? To you consider the taste of clams to be immoral? It does not matter. Either way you should come out to a Happy Clams show. We'd love to see you there. The more we see you, the more shows we get to play. It's fun (but you know that) and has nothing to do with morality.

Friday, December 2nd at 9 pm

Happy Clams play with Chrome Statues and the Gold Band

Red Hat Sports Bar

1860 Monument Blvd., Concord CA

Dropping in on Concord.

I drove it just the other night to drop off some posters. Picture it this way. You and your friends get in the car. You go through the tunnel. You talk (as you do on the way to a show). You veer left to 680 at Walnut Creek. The next thing you know is the Monument Blvd is coming up and you have to get over to the right. You turn right on to Monument Blvd, go about 7 or so blocks, and there it is on the right. Wow, that hardly took any time at all. Parking lot in the back.

Show starts around 9 PM with the Gold Band. The guy at the door says they sound like Santana. We're supposed to go on second. Fun place with great sound system, nice beer selection, and full bar. Taqueria next door.

If you live in Concord. You already know this.

7 bucks cover. Cheap.


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