Upcoming Gigs and Events


Happy Clams are playing at

Bang the Bay Second Sunday

April 14 from Noon to 4 pm

Baltic Kiss

135 Park Place, Point Richmond


Paul says, "Hey, I have been in Florida for 8 of the last 9 months taking care of my mom. I am home for just 12 days before I have to go back. The show is on my last day here. I would really like to see everybody, so come out and see us. We have a half hour set at 1:20 pm and we can hang out afterwards! The Happy Clams last played a 15 minute set at the Murder Ballads back in October. I have no idea when I will be back again, so this would be a good time to see us and me."

The VIP package includes a drink ticket, buttons, stickers, cookies and such but none of it is Clam related. If I can find my Clamdy Canes I will bring them. Look like candy canes but taste like clams. Mmmmm! (maybe, maybe not)

Get here closer to noon. We go on approx. 1:20 pm


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