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Do your tastes include both snails and oysters? How about clams? To you consider the taste of clams to be immoral? It does not matter. Either way you should come out to a Happy Clams show. We'd love to see you there. The more we see you, the more shows we get to play. It's fun (but you know that) and has nothing to do with morality.

Friday, March 3rd at 8 pm

Happy Clams play at the Stork Club for First Friday

Stork Club

2330 Telegraph Ave, Berkeley

Dropping in on Concord.

THE HAPPY CLAMS are playing a free show at the Stork Club for First Friday in March. We go on at 8:00 pm.

How does and evening of gallery strolling and a Happy Clams free show sound to you? Too good to be true, right? We are playing a 45 minute set at the Stork Club.

The galleries open at 6 pm and you can check out art before catching the Clams. There is always something interesting to see at Oakland's liveliest art scene, Even if it is raining, the galleries remain open. If it rains, parking is better. Bring an umbrella if that is the case. If you are a fan of the Happy Clams and still haven't checked out the galleries then this is the time to finally do it.

If you like burlesque, well that starts later in the evening at the Stork. A night with something for everybody.

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