Upcoming Gigs and Events

Happy Clams play the Bay Area Arts Mixer

924 Gillman, Berkeley, CA

Father's Day Sunday, June 17.

2 pm to 7 pm

(Happy Clams go on at 4:50 pm)

Suggested Donation: $5 - $20

You may need to purchase a annual 924 Gilman membership for an additional $2

924 Gilman St in Berkeley CA

You may be noticing that a Happy Clams gig is getting to be a rare event and you know you like your clams rare. Tartar, har, har! This week we are playing the June Bay Area Arts Mixer at 924 Gilman. It's an event of art and music that takes place the third Sunday of every month from 2 pm to 7 pm.

The Happy Clams go on at 4:50 pm for a half hour set.. Paul (me, natch) will also be playing kazoo with Mugg Muggles, long-time bay area aficionado of old music and things that make your mind go bump in the night (or all day for that matter.)

Come check out some music, art, and even maybe walk down the block for a beer at Gilman Street Brewing. Bring your dad. Be a dad (this option could take number of months to come to fruition. Pretend to be a dad. Or just be that which you do best. Do your worst..


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